Executive Coaching with a Difference

Your journey involves making high-stakes decisions, and the related stress can create a roadblock in the path of your vision. I’ve worked with leaders like you, and I’ve also been you—as an investment banker, a CEO, and an entrepreneur myself, I’ve experienced the same pressures you’re facing to deliver. And I know you don’t have to shoulder the burden of trying to do it all alone. With my years of corporate and coaching experience, I help you to remove the obstacles holding you back from maximising your personal and professional potential.

Business leaders are looking for an executive coach with business knowledge and executive credibility.

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Why choose an ICF Credentialed Coach?

ICF Credentialed Coaches are professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession. ICF Credentialed Coaches adhere to strict ethical guidelines as part of ICF’s mission to protect and serve coaching consumers.

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that coaching is about bringing transformational change, not just incremental adjustments, in how you operate. My approach is inside-out, which promotes congruence between values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. A congruent person is genuine, real, whole, and transparent; a non-congruent person tries to impress, plays a role, puts up a front, and hides behind a facade.

I challenge you to question the “story” you’ve sold to yourself and become more aware of your internal world to bring about a profound shift in the way you approach your problems, your goals, your world, and those around you.

Areas of Expertise

Work-Life Balance

Communication Enhancement

Leadership Branding

Motivation & Performance

Change & Growth

Strategic Planning

Productivity & Effectiveness

Personal & Professional Fulfilment


International Exposure

Held senior positions in investment banks and the non-profit sector in India & founded a business

Worked with clients from Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, and USA

Currently based in Singapore

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