About Sonali Sinha

Sonali brings 25+ years of experience of working with business leaders and entrepreneurs. Her expertise is a unique blend of corporate and transaction advisory, board experience, entrepreneurship, cognitive and behavioural psychology, leadership facilitation and coaching. She has worked with clients from across Asia, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, and the US.

Sonali has successfully coached entrepreneurs to double, triple and even 10x their business by becoming a better navigator, strategist, system thinker, talent magnet, habitual learner and master of their own psychology. Clients say that she gets to the root of what’s holding back their business very quickly.

Her credentials include:

What Clients Say

“Business has grown 3x-4x”

I’m happy I made the choice of working with you. It has actually changed the game for me. My business has grown 3x – 4x in the last one year.

Shailesh Kantak, Founder, Flexi Ventures

“Clear shift in our thinking”

We can see a clear shift in our thinking. Things like vision, mission, what is our purpose have some into our radar. Now we have a clear vision of what we are striving for.

Ketan Shah, Managing Director, Phronesis Capital

“Fulfilling experience”

Working with Sonali was a new AND fulfilling experience for me. I enjoyed and looked forward to our sessions and found her to be very attentive and insightful.

Dilip Balakrishnan, CEO, Serendebyte Inc.


Coaching FAQs

Coaching is one-to-one partnership between the coach and the client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximise personal and professional potential. The coach brings new eyes and ears to their situation and provides a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to understand their current challenges and aspirations, see how others perceive them, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those goals. Coaching is not just about problems and issues—it is about awakening consciousness to maximise potential.

‘Mentoring’ and ‘coaching’ are often used interchangeably, but they are two distinct approaches to development. A mentor tends to have relevant experience in the field you are interested in and supports you with information, advice, and practical assistance. A coach, on the other hand, doesn’t give advice or information. Coaching is based on the premise that your answers are unique to you. Someone else’s answers may not be the correct answer for you. The coach believes in your creativity and resourcefulness to come up with the best answers for yourself.  The coach does not try to “fix” someone by solving their problems. The goal is to make you feel empowered and realize your own potential. 

Business Coaching is about helping you build a successful business. It can help you improve your business performance, gain insights, and become better at what you do. Being coached can be daunting as it requires you to be honest with yourself, and not everyone is ready to take it on. To figure out whether you are ready for coaching, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I willing to examine my role in situations where things go wrong?
  • Am I willing to self-reflect and identify the limiting beliefs and behaviours that may be holding me and my business back?
  • Am I willing to change the way I think and behave in areas where I am currently not getting the outcomes I desire?
  • Am I willing to take out time from my busy schedule and make the space to be fully present to focus on becoming a better business leader?

Yes, there is. Currently, the term “coach” is used broadly. Some people call themselves coaches without having any formal training or receiving a certification. On the other hand, credentialed coaches complete formal training programs accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

An ICF Credentialed coach goes through rigorous training and practice hours and adheres to the high ethical standards set by ICF to establish excellence in coaching. Credentialing demonstrates serious commitment to high coaching standards.

Coaching is most effective when the coach-client relationship is strong, which means finding someone whom you consider credible, resourceful, and empathetic with your situation. Someone who “gets” you, yet someone who can offer fresh perspective on things. You should also explore what the driver is for the coach to get into coaching. Be wary of coaches who are eager to give advice based on their own experience or want to ‘fix’ people. You can get a sense of this during an initial consultation.

It’s recommended that you talk to a few coaches and see who feels right and who you click with. Your coach needs to be someone you trust and who makes you feel safe as well as challenged and motivated.

Your Ultimate Business Success

Working with Sonali has been a gamechanger for our clients. They’ve been able to cut through the clutter and focus on the key aspects of their business – thus multiplying their business. If you’ve been pushing yourself hard at the cost of your health and lifestyle and things aren’t happening as fast as you want, then here’s a chance for you to create a MAJOR business BREAKTHROUGH.

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