Soar Above


Soar above the obstacles weighing you down.

As business owners and CXOs, you make difficult decisions every day. At any given moment, you’re probably juggling issues involving your team, revenues and profits, customers, and your product/service. Regularly taking high-stakes decisions in an ambiguous environment can cause a great deal of stress.

Executive Coaching helps you deftly navigate the pressures that come with your role and achieve your vision. We’ll work together to crystallise your goals, break down and clarify conflicting thoughts, and devise a clear path to becoming the type of leader you aspire to be.


How We Can Work Together


I work with you on a one-on-one basis in a highly personalised engagement designed to accelerate change in your life. Individual coaching sessions are tailored to your unique challenges and aspirations.

We’ll explore and reshape your beliefs and behaviours and build a positive mindset, creating solutions to take you past obstacles to opportunities. You can dramatically close the disconnect between your capabilities and current leadership style to secure the results you and your stakeholders desire.


Group coaching is ideal for a group of executives that works together to lead an organisation. Using coaching practices, I’ll work with this executive team to transform itself into a powerful unit that delivers accelerated growth.

We’ll explore team dynamics, dialogue, and shortcomings to gain insight into how you work individually and as a group. We’ll build accountability and improve your effectiveness so you become the leadership team that outperforms your competitors.

Women in

It’s proven that diversity in leadership inspires teams to generate better outcomes and financial performance. As women in leadership positions, you are indispensable to your organisation’s success. I work with women executives and high-potential women to help you take on more strategic roles and claim the recognition and opportunities you deserve.

We’ll focus on the external and internal barriers to climbing the corporate ladder and find the solution to propel your career to new heights. Let’s shatter the glass ceiling together.

Development Program

The 2-day intensive training program for executive teams gives you the long-term tools to work in synergy. You’ll learn to focus on the big picture so that you can work seamlessly towards the organisation’s goal.

You’ll learn how to steer clear of misunderstandings, value your differences, strengthen your relationships, and endure challenging situations together to become a high-performing executive team. By working together in harmony, you’ll set a positive example and motivate your team, ensuring your organisation’s success.


As you embark on your coaching journey, you are likely wondering what your unique coaching style is and how you can deliver the most value to your coaching clients.

I believe that coaching is about bringing transformational change in the lives of coaching clients. My approach is inside-out, which promotes congruence. I help aspiring coaches like you embody the coaching mindset which helps you evoke deeper insights for your clients and excel as a coach. What helps me do this consistently is my deep interest in psychology and authentic presence.  

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Companies and leaders see the value that coaching brings to them.

(ICF Global Coaching Client Study)

99% are satisfied or very satisfied
96% would repeat the process

I work with CXOs of Fortune 500 companies, founders of PE-funded startups, and owners of small to large businesses who want to:

  1. 01 Lead with greater influence and impact
  2. 02 Think more strategically and polish how you articulate your thoughts
  3. 03 Identify and inspire the right talent in your team
  4. 04 Be more productive despite all the demands on your time
  5. 05 Make healthier personal and professional choices
  6. 06 Become mindful of limiting thoughts and habits you can overcome
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Quotation Mark

The more I am open to the realities in me and in the other person, the less do I find myself wishing to rush in to "fix things”.

Carl Rogers

On Becoming A Person

My Coaching Model


We’ll focus on understanding what motivates you. I’ll ask you questions and use exercises to delve into your goals, dreams, vision, ambitions, personality, and strengths. We’ll discern where you are as a leader and where you want to be.


We’ll bring to light the obstacles, behaviours, and anxieties standing in your way, whether they’re internal or external. I’ll partner with you as you reflect on your goals and obstacles and give yourself the permission to look within for potential answers. We’ll find you clarity of thought and action so you can remove these obstacles and realise your desires.


Good intentions aren’t enough. You need to act on your awareness to see real change and growth in your life. I’ll help you hold yourself accountable to your action plan as a partner in your journey, keeping you focused on becoming the leader you know you can be.