6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills – From the Pros!


From Steve Jobs quotes to funny memes of miscommunication – every day we are bombarded with the message that good communication skills are critical to success. And to be honest, they absolutely are!

There are countless stories and examples of how failure to communicate resulted in losses and how leaders with exceptional soft skills lifted companies out of staggeringly bad situations by motivating their teams.

While our daily lives might not be so dramatic, common sense suggests that when you are surrounded by people then communicating with them is a skill that must be paid attention too.

So, if you feel you are lacking in the communication department, then these easy-to-follow suggestions put together by SoaringEagles trainers are just the thing for you:

Communication Skills Tips

1. Tailor your conversation to the person and the situation:

Cracking a mistimed joke in a serious meeting; being overfamiliar with a client or laughing after missing a deadline – these are just some of the examples of how not to communicate!

The first step to improving your communication skills is to tailor your talk to who, where and when of any conversational scenario. Try to find out as much as you can about what’s going on with the person or the situation before you jump into a conversation.

2. Never skip the listening part of communication

Nothing is as off-putting as talking to someone who is not paying any attention! Communication is a two-way process, and you have to learn how to listen actively to practice it successfully.

3. Be brief but clear

Most people like to talk – its true! We tend to overcommunicate; give extra information; spice up facts to make them more interesting or just digress from the actual point of the conversation. All of this ultimately dilutes the main message we want to put across.

To improve your communication, you need to start practicing brevity today. As you go along, you will find that people understand you more clearly.

4. Pay attention to your Body language

A lot of your communication happens non-verbally – everything from your eyes to how you stand and your gestures convey cues that are picked up and decoded subconsciously by people. And it all adds up with your verbal message to make up the whole package.

To improve your overall communication skills be aware of your non-verbal cues; observe the same in others and try to project a body language that is confident and friendly.

5. Be Positive and cheerful

Do you want to be someone who always criticizes, cribs or complains? No? Well, neither does anyone else. While everyone has bad days, and no one expects you always to be grinning ear-to-ear, a smile and a positive attitude will certainly make people around you happy.

6. Think it through

Whether it is a text message or a pitch deck, always keep some time aside to check and recheck very piece of communication that you send out. Even in conversations, curb your enthusiasm and think before you speak.

Communication is a part of every single interaction we undertake, so there are plenty of examples of good and bad communication methods all around us. To improve your communication skills, you need to, first and foremost, notice how others are communicating around you – that should be enough to get you started in the right direction.

Sometimes the DIY approach (do-it-yourself) to improving communication might not be useful in your situation. For example – if you are starting a new job or getting ready for entrance exams. If you need results fast, then we recommend getting hold of professionals – like us!

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