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7 Changes You Can Make To Develop A Positive And Confident Personality

We all know people who are brilliant but always seem to struggle at work. When it comes to educational qualification or subject matter knowledge, they excel almost effortlessly, but when it comes to taking up managerial or leadership roles they falter.

The truth is that your educational qualifications will only take you up to a certain level. Beyond that, you will need an arsenal of social and interpersonal skills to succeed. Basically, you need an engaging, confident and open personality!

What defines a personality? The American Psychological Association defines it as “Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.”

Over the last few decades, accurate measures have been developed to help us understand and analyse our personality traits and to change or improve them.

Here are some quick tips that you can start implementing from today to change the way you think and act.

1. Start becoming more social

Humans are not wired to live in isolation; it doesn’t matter if you are an extrovert or an introvert – we all need company. Personality is all about interpersonal skills and meeting and engaging with diverse groups of people will improve the entire spectrum of your social skills. So next time some acquaintances invite you to drop in don’t just blow it off – say yes and fix a date.

2. Dress better

How you look has a lot to do with how you feel. It is the physical manifestation of your inner feelings. Which is why when we feel sad or depressed we tend to stay in our pyjamas all day! Start paying more attention to what you wear and how you take care of your body. When you put in the time to look good, you signal to yourself that you value yourself.

3. Practice optimism

No one likes a wet blanket! Stop being a naysayer and start looking for positive options when confronted with a problem. It is not possible to become optimistic overnight but making the effort to always look on the bright side will eventually change ingrained mindsets.

4. Take care of yourself

Self-care is all about taking care of your body, soul, and mind. It’s not just about staying healthy; you also have to make sure that you keep yourself happy and satisfied by taking out time to do things that you enjoy. When we neglect taking care of ourselves holistically, it shows in many ways - sometimes physically and sometimes in our interactions.

5. Practice communication skills like listening

Good communication skills are the foundation of all interpersonal relationships. While for many it seems that being able to communicate means articulating your thoughts clearly, in reality, communication is far more complex. To bring positive changes to your personality you need to communicate well, and the first step to that is active listening -this means that you are actually paying attention to what is being said to you and understanding it well.

Listening to someone and responding appropriately shows them that you care, that you are paying attention.

6. Improve your body language

A large part of our communication happens through non-verbal means. It’s important that you become conscious of what your body language is projecting to others. A closed and hunched body posture indicates timidity or anxiety. Adopt a more expansive body language so that you project, and also feel more confident. When we are feeling powerful, we tend to expand and take up more space. Do the same when you are feeling a little nervous and see how much better you feel.

7. Be happy, be positive

Happiness and positivity rub off on people – no one wants to be around someone angry, sad or negative all the time! Choose to be happy, smile often, talk politely, stay calm and try to see the bright side of every situation. When you consistently choose to turn your back on negative emotions, you will, with time, rewire your brain and behaviour pattern to stay on a positive path.

We often hear - I am who I am; I was born this way, or I am naturally shy. Of course, your nature, experiences, upbringing, and circumstances have made you the person you are today. But there is no reason you have to stay like that. Personality traits CAN be changed.

What we shared above are some things you can change slowly in your life, but if you need more help or a more structured approach then undertaking a personality development course is also a great way to bring about positive change.  

If you want a tried and tested personal development approach, then its best to get some professional help. With thousands of hours of coaching and training sessions under our belt, we know how to help you become more positive and confident. Click on the Request Consultation button above.

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