Conversations with Leaders

Seniority vs. Superior Talent

Have you ever faced the challenge of choosing between seniority and superior talent when it comes to promotions? What were your key considerations? What happens when you promote based only on seniority? How does it impact the productivity and profitability of your company? In this video, I share some insights to help you choose better.

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How To Deal With Difficult Employees

Do you find it uncomfortable as a leader to deal with difficult employees? How can you deal with such employees so that they can fit in better with the team and at the same time you are able to create a conducive and productive environment for high performance?

In this video, I share a simple approach for you to deal with this situation in a constructive manner.

Teamwork in a VUCA World

Conversations with business leaders — What helps teams deliver high performance in a VUCA world? What are the few key factors that are needed for the team to be successful? In this video, I talk about some leadership lessons from the experience of ICF Singapore in pulling off the biggest virtual coaching conference that Singapore has ever seen. There are some very valuable lessons to help your team succeed in a VUCA world.

Perceptions in Decision Making

Conversations with business leaders — How we react to any situation depends on our perception of the situation. We all have our natural tendencies when it comes to decision-making, which in turn is based on our perception. In this video, I talk about how becoming aware of our perceptions and tendencies can help us deal with stressful situations like the current pandemic in a better way. Do share your thoughts on the video.

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what is coaching

What is Coaching?

Conversations with business leaders — Coaching has become the foremost modality of leadership development, especially at the C-Suite level. Coaching involves helping the leader develop a greater capacity to learn from their actual on-the-job experiences. A coach helps leaders focus on their experiences, reflect, and consider different actions and outcomes they may want the next time. In this video, I talk about what coaching is and what it isn’t. This is the first step to understanding how coaching can help you reach your leadership and other goals.

appreciative inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry

How do you approach change? How do you drive organizational change/growth? Do you focus on what needs to be fixed or what are the strengths and successes that already exist? In this video, I talk about Appreciative Inquiry as an approach to lead change, both at an organization level and as a leader. Do share your thoughts and experiences.

self-awareness for leaders

Importance of Self-Awareness for Leaders

Conversations with business leaders – How aware are you of your deep-set beliefs and behaviour patterns? How are you influencing the behaviours of others? These are some self-awareness questions. In this video, I talk about self-awareness and how important it is for leaders and how they can develop an advanced level of self-awareness to deal with crisis situations like the one we are in currently.

Stages of learning

Stages of Learning

How can we learn and grow professionally and as a leader if we don’t know what needs to change? Here I share the stages that one goes through in developing skills and attitudes that can help us succeed. Learn more about the conscious learning model.