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How Self-Confidence Impacts Your Career Success

Look around you at the people who are moving up the corporate ladder or landing good jobs. What is the one thing in common you see? Do they come across as very confident and self-assured; people who have opinions and don't hesitate to share their views; people who believe that they can do whatever they take up. Well, you are right. Confidence is one of the most common traits of successful people.

A psychology study from Ohio State University found evidence that an individual's career paths are influenced by their own levels of self-confidence and, to some degree, the amount of social validation they receive along the way.

The study explored key contributors to student success.  They focused on how painting a positive picture of a future career path would influence the student’s confidence and eventual success in achieving it. Basically, if you can picture a future version of yourself succeeding at a goal—say, becoming an engineer or entrepreneur — you're more likely to actually achieve it.

While self-confidence is often stimulated from within, it's worth remembering that teachers, parents, and other mentors can leave a lasting mark on a young person's career path. When you help someone picture a future possible self, they are more likely to believe it could be a reality and begin working to achieve it.

A few encouraging words can go a long way—something to keep in the mind the next time a young person tells you he or she wants to do something that may seem difficult or extraordinary. Your encouragement can actually help make it a possibility. By the same benchmark, be very careful about what you say to yourself. If you tell yourself you can do it, you most likely will. But if you start by saying, something is very difficult or that you can’t do it, believe me, you are already defeated.

This is where having a coach or mentor who can prod you on and make you believe in yourself, can make a huge difference to your career. SoaringEagles is built on this premise that confidence in one’s ability to succeed is what will lead to success eventually. Hence all our programs are designed to build your confidence in yourself and your abilities. To know more about the programs visit soaringeagles.co/coaching or request a free consultation by clicking on the button above.

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