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How to Do Well in a Group Discussion

Whether you are looking to get into a good MBA college or get a job with some of the leading companies, you will have to encounter the much dreaded ‘Group Discussion’ selection process. While there are many articles around do’s & don’t for doing well in Group Discussions, the guidance tends to have a limited view on the whole process.

Given that SoaringEagles works extensively on helping people get placed by doing well in Group Discussions and Interviews, we are sharing details of strategies that will help you do very well in Group Discussions.

Understand the purpose of the Group Discussion from the recruiter’s perspective

The first step is to understand why colleges and companies use Group Discussions as part of their selection process. This will help you structure your approach to meet their requirements and hence stand out of the crowd. Colleges and companies that get a lot of applicants need to have a process to eliminate applications and reduce the number of applicants they interview. Personal interviews take a lot of time and effort and hence Group Discussions can help them shortlist some candidates.

Understand the key traits and skills recruiters look for during a Group Discussion

So you need to understand the traits recruiters look for while evaluating candidates during the Group Discussion. Some of the key traits they look for are as follows:

  • Communication Skills
    • Ability to express ideas clearly
    • Assertiveness
  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Team Work
  • Reasoning Ability and analytical skills
    • Logical thinking
    • Creative thinking
    • Ability to think on your feet
  • Personality traits
    • Initiative
    • Flexibility
    • Openness to others and new ideas

You need to keep all these in mind when preparing for and presenting yourself in a Group Discussion. If you focus on only getting a chance to speak and speaking loudly to be heard over the noise, you may miss out on demonstrating some of the other key skills that they are looking for. Later you may wonder what went wrong.

Confidence is at the core of the selection process

While the recruiters look for the above mentioned skills and traits, one of the key things that a person needs to demonstrate is confidence. Confidence is basically the belief in one’s ability to succeed. Even if you have all the skills they are looking for but don’t have confidence in your abilities, you will not get selected. You can build confidence by working on yourself. Invest in courses that help you develop these skills and give you an opportunity to practice them. SoaringEagles offers a comprehensive 40-hour course which not only helps you build confidence but also develops your interpersonal skills, creative and analytical thinking, and commercial awareness. (Check out how to build confidence here.)

Prepare for the likely topics

Walking in for a Group Discussion without preparing for topics that are currently making a lot of news could be a recipe for disaster. You may have very little understanding about the event and will struggle to come up with good points. This will be evident to the recruiter immediately. They will put you down as someone who is not up-to-date with the latest developments – not something you want.  So make sure you look up recent developments and have points from different perspectives. Having details about the event and being able to analyze it well will make you really shine in a Group Discussion.

Perform on the day of the Group Discussion

All your preparation will come to fruition only if you perform well on the day of the Group Discussion. So it is important to prime yourself for a good show. There are many strategies you can apply to pump up your confidence. One such strategy is visualization. Visualizing yourself as speaking confidently, taking on the role of a coordinator in the discussion and making logically sound arguments will all make you feel ready for excelling in the Group Discussion. Managing your emotions plays a very important role here.

If you want to really do well in a Group Discussion and subsequent Interview, check out the programs offered by SoaringEagles. These programs prepare you in a comprehensive manner and give you a lot of practice to be ready to crack the selection process. For more details request for a free consultation by clicking the button above.

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