How To Keep Your Team Motivated

You’ve come up with a fool proof plan and a really excited about rolling it out. You assemble your team and present the plan with a flourish and inspire your team to make it happen. Everyone seems excited about the plan and you are thrilled. It’s now three weeks since and you start to notice that people have fallen back into their comfort zones and business as usual. What do you do now? What can you do?

Have you experienced this? When it comes to new ideas, there is a lot of enthusiasm but when it comes to the implementation, all the energy seems to dissipate rather soon. What will make your team feel as motivated as you are to work towards the common goal? You’ve tried giving motivational talks and pushed and prodded them along but they are not fully in as you hope they would.

What is the secret of keeping your team motivated, engaged, and focused on the goals of the organization?

In this video, I share a success mantra that is backed by a deep understanding of psychology and works time and again.