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Mastering the Art of Communication

Life would be so simple if we could always say what we actually mean! Have you wondered and asked yourself – when did my communication with this world start? Would you be surprised if you were told that the first attempt to communicate with the outside world was when you first kicked in your mother’s womb?

When did this get transformed into a skill? Did you ever sit back and think for a while why effective communication with staff, colleagues, and superiors is so important? Communication comes into play even before we are born. As we grow up and choose professions, the requirements and standards change.  Studies have shown that 70% of workplace mistakes are due to poor communication. This is when the need to practice the 7 Cs of Communication arises.

Visual Communication

We are aware that communication can be verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication can be either oral or written. Non-verbal communication is through body-language, eye contact and gestures, to name a few.

One can either choose to be dormant in life or soar high like an eagle and reach pinnacles of success in career and social life. It’s all about successfully breaking barriers like negative body language, poor verbal communication, insufficient clarity and inadequate social and cultural etiquette.

It is very rare to find people who naturally possess effective communication skills. So, if you notice shortcomings in your ability to communicate or struggle to express your ideas, don’t worry or feel inhibited. Through effective training, you can develop any skill that you lack. So don’t let the absence of some skills, which might hinder your performance and growth in your workplace, hold you back.

Why is communication skills ranked first among the soft skills? Ponder for a few minutes and the answer will be apparent. Communication involves most of the other soft skills. It is a package of effective listening, presentation, negotiation, conflict management, leadership, business etiquette and cultural orientation.

Many times we would have fared extremely well in our field of expertise; some of us may also turn out to be gold medalists. But C’est Tous! (That’s It). Applying one’s professional skills in the real world in order to succeed requires the basic ability to communicate. Be it to crack that job interview, convince a colleague or assume a leadership role. Even the best in any field have had to undergo some element of training and that includes those born with natural talent. A diamond also requires cutting and polishing to glitter. The choice is ours to decide whether to develop or remain content where we stand. As always, the best time to act is NOW!

Our Late President, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is believed to have remarked, ‘Success is when your signature changes to an autograph’. Receiving the right kind of training for effective communication is part of the journey of your signature turning into an autograph.

The current fast-changing, competitive corporate world no longer leaves you any option but to cope with your shortcomings in communication. There are many training courses waiting to fill that gap. Choosing the right one is very important. SoaringEagles offers a range of programs. For further details click the request consultation button or the WhatsApp button above.

- Amitha Venkatesh, Blogger

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