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Personal Development Plan – A Portfolio

Ahana is a vibrant 21 year old who recently graduated with acceptable grades, completed her internship with the organization of her choice and also managed to acquire full time employment with the same organization. She however feels that there isn’t much else to look forward to and is now feeling dissatisfied with her job. Many youngsters today are very much like Ahana. They bring with them technical skills, knowledge and enthusiasm but with time, end up losing their drive.

The findings of a survey conducted at the beginning of the year by a job portal Wisdom Jobs revealed that attrition rates would be pegged at somewhere between 12- 14% at the entry levels in the year 2015. While many industry experts have named poor employee engagement, unsatisfactory work conditions and poor pay as the reasons for high attrition rates, one also cannot ignore the fact that most graduates do not have a clear vision or action plan in place, which further compounds the issue of attrition, especially at the entry levels.

Ahana has her technical skills in place. She is quite adept at her job and the organization is also to her liking. So the issue for her is not that of poor pay, poor work conditions or poor employee engagement. She needs to get a clear understanding of the way forward for her, in terms of her career. Creating a Personal Development Plan goes a long way in resolving this crisis that most graduates like Ahana face.

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a document which can serve as a manual for self development, self reflection, and self awareness and for generating action plans. This Portfolio like document can be written, revised and re- written to be made tenable to current situations.

The PDP helps to identify and outline one’s abilities, skills and interests. Once these have been identified, the next step is to set goals which would help strengthen existing skills as well as develop new ones. Establishing time frames for attaining each set objective will also help in having a strong PDP.

My Personal Development Plan is a handbook which has been created by SoaringEagles to help you discover yourself. This written exercise book comes with challenging questions which will help you reflect. The handbook lets you pen down your thoughts as well as any ongoing developments in your life that you would like to make note of. A peek into this handbook can be quite helpful when you are applying for a job or when you feel you need to do more at your existing job.

This personal portfolio is a key take away from the Lakshya Employability Acceleration Programme (LEAP) which equips participants to become more self-aware, motivated, influential and networked. It also enhances their Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Analytical and Problem Solving Skills and Commercial Awareness, skills that are highly valued by employers. The programme culminates with sessions on how to write impressive resumes and how to do exceptionally well in interviews. Participants of this programme are equipped to go after their dream job with confidence.

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