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Smart Study Skills

Is your child having trouble managing time, assignments, and/or an increasing workload? Is your child feeling overwhelmed, shutting down and/or having fights at home? Is your child struggling to organize work, forgetting work, or lacking longer-term planning skills? Is your child not meeting their academic potential? Studying more hours or studying harder may not be the answer – they need to learn to study smart.

This Smart Study Skills program builds greater self-awareness of how they learn most effectively and provides exposure to the tools to be more efficient and effective in their work. Gaining mastery of study skills is critical for every student and once mastered, transforms them into independent learners who have the skills to be fully responsible for their own academic success. On completion of this program, you will not just find that their grades more accurately represent their intellectual potential, you will also see a growth in overall self-esteem, confidence, and the willingness to try new things.

Program Outline

Day 1 – Know how you learn
The focus will be on learning how our brain works and how everyone has different attitudes towards learning; understand growth vs. fixed mindsets and learn how to do an accurate self-assessment

Day 2 – The right way of learning
The focus will be on understanding how information needs to be processed for effective learning. Students will learn steps for learning in the right way for better understanding and recall.

Day 3 – Techniques to learn better in class
The focus will be on learning specific skills for being more effective in the class in terms of listening, taking notes and asking questions.

Day 4 – Best techniques for better recall
The focus will be on learning very effective techniques for enhancing memory and recalling information as required for exams and other evaluation methods.

Day 5 – Managing studies better and goal setting
The focus will be on figuring out how to plan our study and manage time better. Students will also learn how to manage their anxiety so as to remain positive and do well in exams. Students will set their goals and action plan for better academic performance.

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