Being Self-aware Makes You Confident

Have you ever felt completely at odds with your job or your organization?

Have you felt unsure of your abilities and place in the office? Maybe your personality, values, or likes and dislikes don’t really fit with what your job demands? However, most of us are not able to articulate what the problem is or even that there is a problem!

That is because

a) most of us expect to be uncomfortable at work (after all, why would someone pay you if it was easy!) and

b) we don’t really have a clear enough understanding of ourselves to pinpoint the misalignment or put the finger on the root cause of our discomfort.

What is self-awareness?

Simply defined, it means having a deep understanding of your inner norms, drivers, motivations, beliefs, and preferences, or intuitions. You understand what is happening in your mind in each situation. You can analyze, monitor, or control your reaction to situations and external stimuli.

Ultimately, being more self-aware will give you the ability to express yourself in the best possible manner during any situation. You will act consciously, instead of reacting uncontrollably.

It will also help you make the most of your abilities. When you know who you are, you will use that knowledge to place yourself in situations that align with your innermost being and remove yourself from circumstances that don’t.

At Soaring Eagles, we firmly believe that EVERY single change (no matter how small or insignificant) must be authored by you yourself! And that is only possible when you know who you are to start with. Only when you know your starting point can you then fix a goal for transformation.

Can being self-aware help you grab the right opportunities and steer your career in the right direction?


Imagine knowing exactly what type of work, professional environment, or process suits your personality! All that time spent bouncing from one unsatisfactory job to another can be completely cut down. With an awareness of your nature, beliefs, and key drivers, you can tailor your job search – and your entire career – to maximize your core strengths.


Knowing your self allows you to bring a heightened sense of confidence to your career. It will enable you to make career choices with complete confidence. No more second-guessing your abilities or your interest in a particular area; being self-aware will help you analyse your professional options and make decisions based on knowledge rather than gut feel.

Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness leads to developing emotional intelligence. When you have the ability to be in touch with your emotions, it will automatically make you more aware of and empathetic towards the feelings of others. This amplified EQ will help you achieve success in all phases of your career – from your first internship to your last leadership role.


When you work at what you like, or in an atmosphere that aligns with your core beliefs  – you are already on the way to long-term success. Understanding yourself allows you to find work that you enjoy and are good at – this, in turn, ensures you do well at it! 

It’s clear …

That you could land a job that is the envy of your peers or get nominated for a role that puts you in the big league, but if it doesn’t match your core temperament or your belief system then you will not be able to sustain yourself in it in the long-run and more importantly, you will not be happy in it.

Are you looking to jumpstart your plateauing career? Or maybe you are looking to bring some clarity into your career plans? Then do consider one of SoaringEagles’ training sessions. We have several that focus on building skills useful for different stages of your career. Do call us to find out what fits your needs.