Why Do Leaders Need To Be Resolute

Welcome to the 5th episode of this series. This episode continues with the CARES model of leadership development that I have designed for preparing leaders for success in this VUCA world. I talked about being credible and adaptive in the 3rd and 4th episodes, respectively and in this episode, I want to talk about why it’s important for a leader to be resolute.

In this VUCA world where there is constant change in the environment that we operate in, there can be many distractions, disruptions and disappointments. How do you respond to that as a leader? What gives you direction? What keeps you going?

In this episode, I cover why it’s important for you as a leader to be resolute and how you can become more resolute.

Resolute leaders know how to navigate through adversity, have the discipline to lead themselves and others, built relationships with people around them, and have a clear view of where they want to go. When your values are aligned with your vision you can proceed with confidence in knowing that today can be good and tomorrow can be even better.